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Our mission is to enable the people of Gainesville to get connected with real-time information about events and emergencies. SafeGNV was created by the City of Gainesville, with the belief that the best way to do this is to get connected to each other, share resources, and put the citizen at the center.

SafeGNV is for us, by us.

  • Who

    For Gainesville, by Gainesville.

    Gainesville is like no other place, and this platform is tailored to the particular quirks, context and people that make up our city.

  • What

    A citizen-centered vision of connecting people with real-time information. We do this by providing tools and information that fit into your daily life through SafeGNV.

    SafeGNV is not a new social network. It’s a platform designed to plug into your existing networks – whether social or digital.

  • Why

    A little now will mean a lot later; connecting with your network, downloading an app, or watching a video is the first step towards being better informed.

    Gainesville, along with other cities across the country, is leading the charge for a different kind of connection with citizens. Let’s start the movement.

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